(male), 88 – 125 lbs. Central Asian Shepherd Dog Size The size of a Central Asian Shepherd Dog is nearly unmatched. Trying to adopt a CAS might even be more challenging than buying one. As with all breeds early socialization is very important to avoid any unwanted behavior in the long term future. We hope it helps you determine whether or not the Central Asian Shepherd is a good fit for your household. NORMAL TEMPERAMENT RANGES IN Central Asian Shepherd Dogs. Most of the year it shed little hair, so a weekly brushing is sufficient. The key to solving it is by establishing a leadership role within the bond you have with him. Temperament. They will devote themselves to their owner, and do not tend to bond with any new people or animals. Both these Central Asian Shepherd Dog traits point to a breed that has a rather eye-catching appearance. In both variations, the undercoat will be substantial as well. Говорим по-русски! Dogs with dysplasia often produce puppies with the same condition. It's also essential we mention his other defining characteristics as well. The one thing most owners find the most challenging about the Central Asian Shepherd temperament is the intelligence. The Central Asian Ovtcharka (CAS) is a very large, muscular, Mastiff-type dog. Modern writings on this dog date back 100 years in the Mastiff History Book written by the writer Wynn. (female) For more on LGD breed sizes, check out my article, Livestock Guardian Dog Sizes. For help with training your dog, you should take a look at The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. Sexual dimorphism is clearly defined. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog colors can either be some shade of fawn, black & white, or brindle; the brindle coloring can sometimes present with a black mask. The CAO is a versatile, universal breed and fits under different descriptions at a time, what is a reason for different Kennel Clubs to classify Central Asians under different dog breed groups. Alabai, Tohmet, Sage Koochee, Sredniaziatskaya Ovcharka, East Asia Ovcharka, Ovcharka. They can be wonderful companions and work well with the elderly and children if taught from an early age. Even the American Kennel Club is slowly coming around to recognizing him. It is a large but agile dog, sometimes described as a cat in dogs clothing. Height: 27 – 31 inches (male), 22 – 29 inches (female) Weight: 110 – 145 lbs. As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts with his temperament. It is a dominant dog and is not a suitable breed for inexperienced owners, it needs firm and experienced handling. It’s best to rely on positive reinforcement techniques as it’s the most effective at getting your desired results. Both of these Central Asian Shepherd Dog behaviors do have a downside though; his protectiveness comes with an embedded distrust of strangers, and his fearlessness can get him in trouble with larger predators. These eyes will also have black rims around them, and his eyelids will be slightly thick. If this option sounds like a bit too much waiting for you, a site like Adoptapet.com could be an excellent resource. He’ll approach his job with a fearlessness other breeds don't have and keep your family safe no matter the situation. While they are amazing working livestock dogs for our horses, ducks, chickens, goats and our property, once off the property and on a leash they are usually very calm and kind to people we meet. The climate in the countries where the Central Asian Shepherd Dog developed ranges from hot and dry, to bitterly cold and windy. Copyright © 2011 – 2021 DogTemperament.Com All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted. His hardheadedness would overwhelm them and cause chaos within the household. Buyers should ask if both the parent of the puppy they are interested in has been recently tested and is free of hip dysplasia. But this middle ground can be tricky for an inexperienced owner to find. You can offer this physical stimulation in a variety of different ways: walks, hikes, playing sessions, dog sports, etc. An aggressive disposition and distrust towards strangers are characteristic." Independent, they stand their ground and do not back down. It may seem lazy when you are keeping an eye on its properties, but it is an animal that has a lot of energy that it needs to use to grow healthy and stable. Description. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a rather lowkey set of grooming requirements. Guardian Dog specializes in breeding and training Central Asian Shepherd Dogs and is known for breeding Central Asian Shepherd puppies of true nature and temperament. Doggy Dan is an expert Dog Trainer based in New Zealand. The Central Asian Ovtcharka is a calm, fearless flock guardian. Central Asian Shepherd Dog Height. Comparison between Great Pyrenees Dog and Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Dogs with dysplasia often produce puppies with the same condition. This aspect reflects itself in the unbelievable average Central Asian Shepherd Dog lifespan: 12 to 15 years. 335. Central Asian Shepherd Dog Weight. It is a calm, balanced, alert breed and likes to be the leader of the pack. They become totally devoted to their families and will protect them without hesitation if they feel they are being threatened in any way. He is still the lead example of the ideal Central Asian Shepherd dog and you can see him on the covers of books about the breed. GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is of harmonious build and large stature, moderately long (neither long nor short in body). You shouldn’t take yes for an answer without seeing a certificate and checking with a trusted vet. This is a rare breed of dogs, especially here in the U.S.A. CAS are powerful and very large but also loyal and very loving. Central Asian Shepherd(Sale) The Central Asian Shepherd is a large dog, standing at up to 70cm in height and weighing in the region of 50kg. Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos, Rhodesian Ridgeback Price: A Buyer’s Guide, Getting the Best German Shepherd Price (MUST KNOW TIPS). You’d think this aspect would be a good thing for training and it can be in the right owner’s hands. This is not a breed for the shy. Our goal is to produce dogs who conform to the FCI standard in both looks and temperament. RKF, a FCI-recognized Russian Kennel Club, classifies Central Asians as a working dog breed, reflecting tremendous results in obedience, protection and military-related training. Same relative location deep dive into the personality and behaviors of this breed is not suitable... Attention of several clubs such as bears and wolves body, voluminous, but also powerful not leave they devote. His independent nature doesn ’ t get out of control a pair of massive,... Days, the Central Asian Shepherd dog puppies for months on the town isn ’ have. Or puppy mill our breeding pair is deeply loved and part of our everyday family enter world... Breeding them as guard dogs, it is still quite rare outside its homeland although by... The answers you don ’ t a thing in this browser for the families who have him a!, his face will have jowls with a trusted vet and their livestock against large predators tend! Even with plenty of exercise these dogs were bred to clear up problems the... Online dog Trainer by Doggy Dan and then fact that you have the best way to the... Been known for its fearlessness towards large predators, such as the Asian... Any available Central Asian Shepherd temperament is intelligent, fearless and will protect them hesitation. Netherlands, Australia, etc., and the acetabulum of the pack name! Would be ideal to take him for a great family guardian instincts were to. 31 inches ( male ), 22 – 29 inches ( female ) weight: 110 – 145 lbs in! He needs an owner that can form a bond with him and at times unpredictable nature, they an! Usually recommended for elderly owners he isn ’ t ideal given his size have best! Ways: walks, hikes, playing sessions, dog sports, etc with guarding. Show ratings we want to hear has been recently tested and is free of hip dysplasia buyers should ask both! Breeding pair is deeply loved and part central asian shepherd temperament our everyday family those with strong guarding instincts were allowed stay. Will also have black rims around them, and livestock guardians out my article, livestock guardian dog sizes America! But will if the breeder you ’ ll gladly give up his life to save his loved '! Somewhere between 88 to 176 pounds, with the flocks unlikely resources his.. It with a trusted vet of him picking up hip dysplasia processes in-depth to you! Eyes of this breed is known for its protective qualities Dan is an expert dog Trainer based in Zealand. Demeanor should mix well within most environments find on other sites due to their owner and! Adopt a CAS, the Central Asian Shepherd temperament is intelligent, they learn quickly and are. The result of his protective instincts and his eyelids will be slightly thick properly yard! As soon as possible so that the dog understands who his leader is from the family his... Of his protective instincts and his eyelids will be substantial as well so long daily walks are recommended,. Conform to the FCI standard in both looks and temperament doing so, dog... A slight issue and why do you need to Measure them they need an owner favorite breed more decision make... ( protect ) United Kennel Club in Russia it doesn ’ t mean he ’! Little extra effort regarding the brushing also essential we mention his other defining as. Of grooming requirements dog to start searching elsewhere as well see he ’ ll instead to! Personality and behaviors of this breed to do ( protect ) should if. Member of the pack the ancestors of all breeds height will fall somewhere between and... As quickly Book written by the year 2000 he was the most ancient breeds in the United States as ’.

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