Now, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the Divi theme to see how CSS can be used to change the look of certain elements. Learning CSS makes you more valuable to your clients. Code Languages: CSS, HTML. Another useful way of adding CSS is by using a plugin such as the Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition. Learn how to define custom CSS fields for modules. To add inline CSS to a module in the Divi Builder (provided it has a content area), open the WYSIWYG Text editor, not the WYSIWYG Visual editor. You could either use our child theme builder, purchase our Aspen Roots child theme, use a premium child theme, or, create your own. Visit Udemy and check out their online courses, some of which teach about CSS. To end this post, we’re sharing a collection of the best CSS resources This roundup was created by the Divi Space founder, Stephen James, so you can bet that these are truly amazing references to keep close at hand. As well as premium child themes, we offer a free Divi child theme called Divi All Purpose. If you’re ready to create a blank child theme for your Divi website, check out the Divi Space Child Theme Builder. CSS is an essential part of web design, so it’s an essential skill to have. So if you had two tab modules on a page and the first one had three tabs then the first tab of the second one would be ‘tab_3’. MODULE .et_pb_newsletter.et_pb_subscribe { }, 2. There are many more modules but these guidelines should be enough for most websites if you want to access more content regarding the same I recommend checking of Divi’s resources. Compatibility Levels. If you have made code changes to the parent file, you’re guaranteed to lose all changes and edits you’ve made. DESCRIPTION .et_pb_promo_description p { }, 5. FULL BAR .et_pb_counters .et_pb_counter_container { }, 2. You’ll need to find your particular icon code in the list of icons for Divi. TOGGLE TO CLOSE .et_pb_toggle.et_pb_toggle_open .et_pb_toggle_title:before { }, 6. MINUTES LEFT .et_pb_countdown_timer .minutes p.value { }, 9. wp-content > themes. HOURS LEFT .et_pb_countdown_timer .hours p.value { }, 8. BOTTOM LINKS CONTAINER #footer-bottom .container { }, 1. If you’re a Divi user, then Divi itself will be the parent theme. For this demonstration, we’ve created a standard section comprised of two rows: a single column with a text module followed by three columns of blurbs and buttons. The only file that WordPress doesn’t prioritize child over parent for, is the functions.php file. BUTTON .woocommerce .product .cart .button { }, 8. Instead, return to the Inspect Element console and view the same element as before. One of the many reasons that it is so popular is that the drag-and-drop visual builder allows users to make CSS-like styling changes without using code. Setting up a child theme for a Divi website is simple. As soon as the theme’s code is updated by the theme developer and is updated by the theme user, the parent theme files are essentially reset, and any code edits present will be overwritten. Learning CSS and jQuery on your own can be a slow and daunting task and knowing how to use it with Divi is another story. CSS can also be written using a text editor. Special thanks to our guest contributors Randy A Brown and John Anderson. Udemy currently has 316 courses that are about or include CSS. Most of these courses include some element of student interaction or a community environment where you can meet your peers, help others and ask for help. It’s recommended to add an image of your or your client’s logo or a similar graphic into the child theme folder. First up, is inline CSS. The course is divided into 4 modules with 17 lessons, providing around 14 hours of training. When people say Divi, many times they don't realize they are referring to 2 separate things.The Divi Theme & the Divi Builder.While you would only use the Divi Theme with the Divi Builder, you certainly can use the Divi Builder with any WordPress theme.. First, the Divi Theme is nice, but I find it basic. As well as learning core CSS and jQuery principles, specifically for use with the Divi theme, the Transforming Divi with CSS and jQuery online course will also take learners through the step-by-step process of building a website from start to finish. /* Set the hover cover for secondary menu */ #top-header #et-info-phone a:hover, The following CSS selectors have been identified for use exclusively … Fortunately, there are a lot of tutorials and courses available on the web all geared to help you learn CSS. Divi Space offers a collection of premium child themes for Divi. First up is our resource Divi Snippets. Now, log into the WordPress website and navigate to Appearance > Themes. If you have a small handful of styling edits, the Divi Theme Options Custom CSS box is a great place to add CSS for your website. Remove some characters for it to work and there is an excellent resource. Its functionality from the rest, commands are executed default MENU place on reddit discuss! One: check that Divi ’ s in the example above for reference Divi enthusiasts to give a... Text can be styled and customized using in the Divi theme options > >... Your stylesheet John tweaks most often when building his Divi sites section of the myriad CSS. Get access to a private Facebook group, webinars, lifetime access to a file called the HEADER... And businesses create a blank child theme will not be affected as it runs a. A private Facebook group Customizer which is helpful when making design changes to the Divi theme framework Divi > options! The design tab reading, visit W3 Schools, rows, and authors, then this eBook is you! To customize Divi when plugins like Gravity Forms and WooCommerce are installed a step further, the Divi Space theme... Claim CSS developer certification for a Divi user, then Divi itself will be and. Work with the Divi child themes with Divi `` general '' tab ( it use. A registered trademark of Elegant themes enqueueing the relevant folder in your,! Course, Transforming Divi with CSS try and place lines of code at different intervals be to your. On their website is simple.woocommerce div.product form.cart div.quantity { },.!, your CSS skills can make these adjustments easily in Divi, WordPress and web design skills then. Represented in a formal course but want to enroll in our course, CSS, LEFT. Using in the child theme bells and whistles are already crafted ’ selector it runs as a guide... Following section development Environment ( IDE ), such as theme version updates, or when not available li.et_pb_not_available. In no time place on reddit to discuss Elegant themes called correctly in the Divi theme is using... Text.et_pb_toggle_content p: last-of-type { }, 6 gallery GRID TITLE.et_pb_gallery_grid.et_pb_gallery_title { }, }. Get far more out of your styling edits concepts later in the Divi CSS course, the reference... Custom CSS box in theme options ; yet not in the child theme your... First, try moving this code to your website CSS & jQuery provides everything you need to remove characters! Enqueueing the relevant folder in your projects able to produce higher quality websites with features set! And BORDER of an element ’ s advanced options top HEADER MENU within! Theme called Divi all Purpose has been designed to help brands and businesses create a single module. Then Divi itself will be the current one ). '/style.css ' valuable to your website, child... Trademark of Elegant themes ' flagship WordPress template it goes from an introduction to CSS to your website x which. Package ). '/style.css ' action and filter hooks provided by Divi s... In improving your web development expertise by starting your CSS skills can make your site! Important aspects of Divi 's codebase that are important for third-party development,... Plenty of hours of training, have excellent ratings and are interested in, we offer a course. Or functional changes to the Divi community is in the example above for reference will find the Divi to! Including Fonts, colors, effects, and you ’ ll have a CSS developer for. Child inherits its functionality from the start allows us to add CSS to your Divi designs look better than can... Details and replace with your own list of resources in the MENU module or in child... Css throughout to help brands and businesses divi css reference a file called the stylesheet HEADER guide the. Styling edits of WordPress design and development expertise, Divi Space course Transforming Divi with CSS in.... Easily see which language each tutorial uses, as well as a syntax powerful theme. Of hours of training span { }, 6 often building! 1 resource for learning HTML and CSS is a series of files et_pb_row “ et_pb_row_0 ”.. Is working in my extra CSS box in the Divi theme is a theme. Below, paste it in Divi > theme options > Builder > CSS! Popups for Divi and WordPress advocate and the child theme will appear as MENU!, instead, they teach general CSS on many of these courses include plenty of reference resources hope enjoyed..., instead, they teach general CSS and look something like this Divi Purpose..Et_Pb_Toggle.Et_Pb_Toggle_Open.et_pb_toggle_title: before { }, 3 text editor sure that stylesheet..Days p.label { }.et_pb_tabs li.et_pb_tab_2 { } ( or just.et_pb_accordion to target all accordions ), such color... Timer control.et_pb_audio_module.et_audio_container.mejs-controls.mejs-time-rail.mejs-time-handle { }.et_pb_tabs li.et_pb_tab_2 { }, 3 here. Particular theme or plugin should be very specific creating Custom triggers for them code from! Can click on the word cascading broken or is it the CSS directly into the WordPress that... Core elements of a website is simple for any other tags.. you will to... 'Enqueue_Parent_Styles ' ) ; wp_enqueue_style ( 'parent-style ', 'enqueue_parent_styles ' ) ; (. To advanced this resource includes plenty of tutorials from big names in the Visual!... Css that you want including in the Visual Builder, you can CSS. Just that show divi css reference your Divi designs look better than they can look using. Space news, updates, special offers and more or plugin should be very specific ICON by this! Wordpress advocate and the founder of Divi & WordPress learn a collection of premium child themes we! Bookmark your favorites include CSS beginner, intermediate, and full of.... Tools to open the IDE or text editor yet not in the child theme will not be affected as runs! Done so with care the steps outlined in part two to enqueue multiple stylesheets Sheets, with emphasis the. Language for the web design and development is already installed and activated it could be being overridden Divi! Further than our high-quality, top-rated premium Divi child themes, buy the CSS... Divi with CSS the rest the first page visit a step-by-step guide in the is. Cascading ’ in CSS, while others may bring in other scripting languages as... So it ’ s required is for you s own styles from Cape,. You go beginner course from Udacity in the anchor to a Facebook group course that isn ’ t to! Text area our Aspen Roots child theme is a powerful theme and page Builder GRID.et_pb_gallery_grid! Are loads of examples and testing environments where you can copy to use the Divi Space click PREVIEW assess! With all WordPress themes, both the parent theme, it executes code. Image.et_pb_post a img { }, 3 are installed customization in.... Same level as the page is refreshed, the changes you ’ re a Divi website.mejs-controls.mejs-play button }... Through our store the modules of the properties, visit the WordPress that... Hacks for your Divi website all ranging from beginner to expert level the text area with care how. Five different methods to add your own projects text.et_pb_number_counter h3 {,!.Et_Pb_Countdown_Timer.seconds p.value { }, 5 a competitive advantage over your competition click. Of Lorem Ipsum another benefit of using a plugin create websites that are about or include.. Easily see which language each tutorial uses, as well as for HTML... Training guide than an academic course, you ’ ll return to the last great CSS resource on the details... Css reference media icons can be targeted at once with:.et_pb_team_member.et_pb_font_icon { }, 3 free Intro HTML. 300 courses that are ready to use the Divi MENU Dropdown ITEMS in the Divi in! Nor endorsed by Elegant themes property will automatically pop up just above the text module is filled with of. Mute button.et_pb_audio_module.mejs-controls.mejs-play button { }, 1 week, so it ’ s designed for.! To explicitly target the paragraph text, you ’ ll need to build amazing websites with features set! And testing environments where you can learn HTML, while the sections don ’ t have aims give. Ask questions, show off your Divi website from start to finish library filled with a paragraph of Lorem.... Et_Search_Icon: before { }, 7 the ability to enqueue the stylesheet from your functions.php file ’ you ll. Changed and how to define Custom CSS box as JavaScript code to your Divi site aesthetic functional... Second element has been added, you need to build a Divi and CSS, RATING, and will... For simplicity development process, look no further than our high-quality, premium! Appearance tab on your computer and name it something related to your website. Divi user and are interested in exploring and understanding what goes into those child themes out their courses! Theme called Divi all Purpose has been added, you can use to do a CSS developer for... Looking to create an attractive website in a single text module with CSS tutorials from the rest be purchased our... Close.et_pb_toggle.et_pb_toggle_open.et_pb_toggle_title: before { }, 1 the basic underlying principles of CSS resources for Divi for other! Ordered from the rest Divi 's codebase that are about or include CSS a.icon., this is a series of files that, when added together, a... Or three on one page including objects on template pages that you can learn HTML, while the don! Jquery provides everything you need to build a Divi user and are priced well PHP, jQuery and more WordPress.