A wiring system is established to connect the alternator to the radio and the radio to the speakers. Simon Hughes explains how sometimes a car radio may stop working and how to fix this often simple problem. Having the heating on while the engine is off is much more likely to drain the battery than leaving the radio on. An hour is pushing it. While your engine runs, the alternator recharges the battery — which is why you typically don’t have to worry about the battery dying while you’re blasting the radio on your drive to work! If the radio is switched off, it shouldn’t be able to drain the battery. Running a check on the wires will be necessary to confirm that the speakers are just alright. Ensure that they are on their default points. Your starter requires as much amperage as it can get, to turn over a cold engine (cold = driven less than 3 miles). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Carspeakerland.com makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contain on this website or any sites linked to this site. I have a 2007 Chrysler 300 3.5l (not sure if engine size matters) but the radio screen is blank and the only thing that works is the on/off/volume and the station preset buttons on the left. Can the radio drain the car battery even when it’s turned off? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Follow these guidelines for an awesome music experience in your car. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some car radios use a permanent 12V supply to back up the radio (and to store the current track & time locations when playing a CD so playback restarts in the same place). It involves a lot of wiring with a lot of different components to work properly. That is why the radio failing to work might not be directly due to the radio but also the components the radio is wired with. They might have a clear recommendation on your car radio not working. However, radios usually don’t use a lot of power, so battery drainage is more likely to be caused by other things such as lights, fans and heaters. Sure enough after a couple hours of driving around and using the radio too, the battery was dead when I tried to start it again. How a Car Works is created, written by, and maintained by Alex Muir. The car itself is salvaged, but I have never had a single issue. A car alternator recharges the battery and powers certain electrical systems like lights, radio, air-conditioning, and automatic windows. Listening to the radio in your car usually requires the ignition switch to be in the “accessory“ position. The on board diagnostics or simply OBD2, introduced in car models as from 1996, has made it a necessity for every car owner to learn about car diagnostic tools. He wants to play the car’s radio while the engine is off. Many people complain of ordering new head units, and they arrive when faulty already. When I turn the car on the radio turns off around 1500 rpms and at 1000 rpms it turns back on. Modern-day autos always are drawing a small amount of power from the battery, even when the car has been shut off. This is may be the problem with your radio if it does not turn on completely. Tracking down the fault can be difficult when the radio is functioning since it actually has power at that time. It can be frustrating to turn on your car stereo and find out that the sound has cut out. Here we go: Not turning the engine on. Such systems will require more complex installation techniques. Faulty starter. I removed the fuse as a temporary fix. For more information, please read our privacy policy. I never told him, but shut the radio off after that. Do let anything come between you and listening to your favorite radio presenter. Do you have any problems with other circuits in the car that are fed off the accessories power e.g. I have told him it could kill the battery. What I can tell you is that I drive a 97 Subaru Impreza GX and basically had the battery replaced 6 months ago with a recommended one from the local mechanic – cost me $120.00 if I recall correctly. This is the alternator winning that is normally caused by a bad ground to the head unit or the speakers. A broken antenna will not receive signals, and therefore you will only be hearing white noise. I read somewhere that while a ‘normal’ car’s engine would start up about 50,000 times during the car’s life, on a stop-start car, that figure would be around 500,000. This is great for them but bad for car stereo enthusiasts. Radio always works when engine is not running, powers off when engine starts, and turns off/on at random while driving. Often times a vehicle manufacturer will ground all of the dash instruments to one central location. It might look silly, but this might be the cause why your radio is not working. When my engine is off (ACC or ON), my stereo works perfectly fine, but when I start my car the audio keeps cutting out. When you get out of the car and the radio is still on, try opening one of the other doors on the car. Bestradios.co.uk is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. If you have a lot of powerful speakers or a power-hungry subwoofer, it will drain the battery much quicker than if you just have a regular car radio. Asked by Wiki User. If the display shuts off at the same time the music cuts out, then the unit is probably losing power. Some radion stations on my car radio is hardly audible because of loud static noise when the engine is running. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Check that the radio really is turned off, and not just silent. I know what you're talking about - I think my parents' car does that, but not mine. Today, even putting in neutral after using the shift lock release, the car still has no power and will not start. The car is a 1996, volkswagen Golf GTI Radio keeps on switching off and on intermittently. If you are used to driving with your music playing, things will get difficult when your radio stops to work. If the main power wire for your head unit is connected to a power source that is always hot, the radio won't ever turn off. What may drain a car battery when it’s off, however, are things such as interior lights, door lights, or even bad fuses. With a failure of these components, it means the radio signal output will also be affected. It is also great for learning what is going around you. Checking these areas might save you money. One power wire is hot all the time, and the other only has power when the engine is running, or when the ignition switch is in the accessory position. Thanks for letting me try to help youIf you have the Uconnect 8.4 system, go to the controls menu, then settings, if you have the Uconnect 5, just hit the settings button. If need be, you should consult a professional for more guidance and advice. My 16-year-old son drives a 2008 Honda CR-V. Related Article: Why did my Car Speakers stop working. ... when engine is turned off. only works while the engine is running, so there's ZERO gas waste in using any electrical device while the engine is off. As a teenager I borrowed my dad’s 1960 Falcon to tool around in Friday night. If it always has 12v, then again something is not hooked up right. Try troubleshooting and fixing the problem at home before taking your car into the dealer or auto repair shop. 2 possibilities. The normal cause of engine noise in the stereo system is the ground. Today we answer a fairly common question about not getting any sound from a car stereo, even though it powers on. NOT doing so will only turn on the accessories. The reverse also might be happening, if your battery is low, the alternator will definitely supply low and fluctuating power which will activate the amplifier’s protection mode. The BCM then continues to monitor the battery state of health and it's 10 minute timer. This is a super annoying feature and I could definitely see the car taking off if you're not careful. It's continuously on/off whether the car is stationary or I am driving. Who else wants to know How to tell if a speaker is blown? To solve this problem, you will be required to identify the ground wires and locate a better position to connect them. If you're into design, go and check them out. The reason why your radio fails to work may be a very simple one and at times a very complex one. This is a common problem if the CD player works well, but the radio itself does not work. There are simple ways to avoid being in this precarious position in the first place. • off Unlocking the car once only unlocks the driver’s door. See if that makes the radio shut off. Even if you foolishly run the battery dry and have to jumpstart the car later, it. Check the antenna wire, it might be disconnected and might need a little soldering or crimping. If I turn off the engine, with the key in the ignition on, the same station is very clear. It’s a pretty common problem when an aftermarket radio or amplifier is installed. My radio, windshield wipers and ac/heater fan will not work. Ignition lockset (F3LY-11582-A) ... problem radio works with the key on and engine not running, ... AlvinC answered a question about my Ford truck that only someone with an in-depth knowledge of his subject would have known what was going on. With these push button start engines, there's no way to flick a key into the accessory position. The speakers themselves might also be blown. See Also: How to Install Speakers in a Car. Why did it not work when you switched the wires? The ONLY door switch input that causes the RAP system to turn off is the DRIVER door. 3 4 5. Red Wire labeled "ACC" should only have power when ignition is turned to ACC or car is running. In any 12 volt system there is a 12volt + and a 12volt -. In theory, leaving the radio on while the engine is off could drain the car battery. If your car radio keeps playing when you turn the engine off, you will save a bit of battery power by switching the radio off before turning off the ignition, though it won’t make a huge difference. Can a Car Stereo Drain Your Battery? They usually do this on Friday or Saturday evenings instead of coming inside and going to bed. With the engine off AM is fine but with the engine on cannot get past all the static, interference, ... First you need to work out how the noise is getting into the radio. ... AM is an afterthought on auto radios these days. When I turn the ignition in the car to it's first click the radio works fine but once I start the engine the radio switches off and wont go back on until the engine is switched off again. 33 ... in a 2018 Nissan Maxima is a badass car and I have never been in one with a push button so yes thank you cut the car off … That is because certain operations in the vehicle never are supposed to stop. To find that out, first, switch on your car stereo with the volume adjusted to the maximum with the engine running. The problem might be with the antenna wire. Cars have become nothing short of computers on four wheels. I left it alone for a little while thinking it would turn off, like headlights take a few seconds, but never did. In this guide, you will find step by step directions on how to fix Dodge Grand Caravan radio. tardis July 6, 2016, 12:25am #4 The power lead is on all the time. Interference is either radiated - that is, picked up by the aerial - or conducted to the set by its own wiring. For you to get these reasons in details, we are going to discuss each of them in details. This means that even if you simply pause at a stoplight, the engine will not be working, which greatly reduces fuel consumption. A broken starter is another common reason your car won’t start. My car … What made me think of it is that most cars now days play the radio until you decide to get out of the car, if you had a bad door switch then the radio/power relay would never know that you got out. The procedure is most likely to be found in the manufacturer’s manual. The reason why you might not be hearing anything is because the speakers are disconnected. Since the engine is not the only possible source of interference, you may do well to ensure that it is indeed the engine that is the culprit. Some new head units also might be faulty. Not sure if it is a fuse problem or not. A loose wire somewhere will mean that the radio will not be working at all. have not done anything to the car in a while 2 months or so. Another reason why an amp will go to protection mode is due to a short. Ground wires can be disturbing if they are not correctly grounded. The radio turns on and stays on until I turn the car off. Back in 1960, an AM radio was the only thing you had in a car. To find that out, first, switch on your car stereo with the volume adjusted to the maximum with the engine running. Do you have any problems with other circuits in the car that are fed off the accessories power e.g. As mentioned previously, make sure you don't leave your lights or radio running when the engine is off--these are major battery drainers. ... As I drive the car the radio constantly reboot and switch on in every 2 minutes. Regarding keeping the radio on after stopping the engine, I … The most common description of the noise is a whining sound that gets louder as the engines RPMs increase. My 16-year-old son drives a 2008 Honda CR-V. If you are lucky to identify it by yourself, you can replace the blown fuses with new ones. He warned me not to use the radio but I didn’t listen. If you get 0v when the car is off, this is probably incorrectly hooked up to the ACC (Accessory power) instead of constant 12v. The tuner also might be having a problem. Your starter requires as much amperage as it can get, to turn over a cold engine (cold = driven less than 3 miles). No, my car has always shut off power as soon as I turn the ignition to off. The main … When a car stereo cuts out and then turns back on: The problem is usually in the wiring. The speakers might have blown and that is why you have a poor sound out of them, or the system is not working completely. My radio when the engine is not engaged but the car is on, radio works perfectly fine. It is always advisable to follow the right steps when diagnosing your car audio system. Carspeakerland.com is a participant in the, Text-to-speech function is limited to 200 characters, Reasons why your car radio is not working, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), © 2021 CarSpeakerLand - Car Speaker and Car Audio Blog. Top Answer. This is very annoying and sometimes embarrassing. There are so many reasons why this is so, here are some common ones; Wiring can be challenging especially for an upgraded system. You may be running on an old head unit, and you may need to replace it. How long can a car battery last while playing radio? Unlocking it again unlocks the other doors, ... Radio and Navigation turn off when the driver door is opened. Make sure to turn off heaters and lights, as these could cause the battery to drain quickly. Some aftermarket systems come with a special security feature that protects the system from theft. In order to keep your radio playing when you turn off the engine of your Nissan Cube with Intelligent Key, you need to "double-tap" the start/stop button. In this case, you might be careful with your seller’s refund policy before doing any order. You may need to check the condition of the speakers as well. If your car radio keeps playing when you turn the engine off, you will save a bit of battery power by switching the radio off before turning off the ignition, though it won’t make a huge difference. If the wiring is good, then the voltmeter should read 12 volts or the voltage equal to your source. It is a 2003 and has 176,xxx miles on it. They sit with the engine off, listening to the radio with the key in the accessory position. When the switch on the radio is off, the radio should be off regardless of whether or not the radio is receiving power. When the ISG switches the engine off at traffic lights etc, it is awesome. 33 people found this helpful. After about 20-30 minutes of driving. In older cars (in the 1960s and earlier), the extra power required to start the radio as well as start the car sometimes prevented the car from starting. If you cannot access it, then you may need to contact the manufacturers for guidance. If it only happens to the radio with the engine on and more when you are driving it sounds like there is a loose connection or dry soldered joint in the power supply for the radio or in the radio. 3. There are several checks you can carry out to trace the source of the interference. Can you make a radio work when the engine is off in the car? I just replaced the ground and its still happening. / Can I play radio if the engine is not running ... On a serious note, you HAVE to put your foot on the brakes to start the engine. To make all those starts seamless, the stop-start won’t kick in if it detects the battery is dying and it’s going to struggle to restart the car. Another reason why your car radio is not working is because it does not receive any power supply. The dealer mentioned that the engine can be turned off while the car is moving..obviously I haven't tested it though. The canbus system controls the voltage and ampage of the reverse bulb positive pole and because of the actions that happen when the engine is started, this is why it fails. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I do not think it's a battery issue, but now my car is stuck on the third floor the parking garage in my apartment building and I have no idea how to at least get it to turn on to take to a mechanic. I have told him it could kill the battery. If it only happens to the radio with the engine on and more when you are driving it sounds like there is a loose connection or dry soldered joint in the power supply for the radio or in the radio. Required fields are marked *. Learn how your comment data is processed. If the radio is switched off, it shouldn’t be able to drain the battery. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also, if your radio has a large screen and you fiddle with the controls a lot, it will drain the battery more quickly. Check whether your upgraded system has this feature. Sometimes minor things like operating the windows, the engine dropping to idle, giving the engine revs from idle, a jerky start, etc, will make the radio shut off. See Answer. That is why the radio signal does not go through to the speakers. This allows for up to 10 minutes of Accessory use (power windows and radio/entertainment system included). You might be digging too dip and forgetting the speakers. Did you upgrade your car audio system? The car will be completely turned off, but the radio will still be on and playing. This powers up a bunch of other stuff in the car that consumes battery power. The way your radio works can be quite complex. If you realize that there are disparities, it will be good to check with your car’s wiring diagram. Radio entertainment might not be as necessary as such, but it is good for safety and just keeping the mood as you travel. Before doing any deep diagnosis, these are the areas to begin with. You may even hear a whining noise from speakers while accelerating. If you are having any of these problems you will need to replace the radio or repair it. Ensure that they are attached to metallic frames of your car’s body. yes, it only cuts out when the engine is on. Understanding How ECO Start/Stop Technology Works. The operation of a radio starts from the power supply and ends in the output of sound by the speakers. Settings like volume level, fade, balance and pan control knobs might not be well set and therefore affecting the radio signal coming out of the speakers. It works in such a way that when there is a power interruption, the head unit by default goes off and is rendered useless. However, if it’s installed incorrectly or is faulty, there’s a chance it could drain the battery. Radios also require fuses to get protected from power surges or power spikes. Dash lights/radio turn off when car is started. One electrical, one cooling system related You could have a sticky thermostat, clogged radiator, or bad water pump, or a nasty air pocket somewhere in the engine that needs to be bled. Some of the fuses to look for are the amp fuses and radio fuses on the car’s fuse block. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You will need to check for this connection when your radio is dead. OBD2 scanners are one of the many diagnostic tools that you can use to … If you’re worried about the battery running down, it might be a good idea to use a portable radio in the car instead of the built-in radio. 2009-05-05 19:33:05. The design of this site was heavily, heavily inspired by CSS-Tricks under their supercool licence. Only works if the doors were automatically locked by the car while driving. Can I play radio if the engine is not running and I ... On a serious note, you HAVE to put your foot on the brakes to start the engine. don't really have another car to test it in. The wires and the technology itself might be outdated, and it might need a new replacement. You could get the ACC power from the radio/headunit, ground on a clean bolt, and then just cut the wire going to the cigarette lighter to go through the relay. But what can you do if your radio consistently turns on and off by itself? Should you turn off the radio before turning off the engine? You may even hear a whining noise from speakers while accelerating. There you have it on why your car radio may not be working. One cheap fix would be to put a switch in the power lead to the radio and mount the switch in a convenient location. the car does not need to be in motion for it to happen just running is enough. Before taking any action that may be costly, it is recommended to try diagnosing the problem before deciding to venture into and expensive remedy. The radio will also receive signals from the antenna. It pulls power from the alternator while the engine is running, or from the battery if the radio is on but the engine isn’t running. Right now, one has to shut everything off, then push the start button to get into accessory mode. After you get into the car, you should apply the brake then press and hold the engine start/stop button until your engine turns on.